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      For Golden Fuji, the past nineteen years was successful nineteen years. Over the years, Golden Fuji under the leadership of the Board, to seize the opportunity, emancipate the mind, innovation, hard work ahead, to achieve leapfrog development. Generally speaking, Golden Fuji made in five areas of outstanding achievements and breakthrough developments: First, continue to improve profitability, asset quality continued to improve and second, and the third is the rapid growth of business scale, four business structure is gradually optimized, Fifth, the international integrated operations made positive progress.

Over the past nineteen years of crisis and prosperity is also the same in, decline and rise of all students in nineteen years, especially after the world economy triggered by the financial crisis hit the United States in 2008 to the present, the more the turbulent and complex; in the country economic and industrial structure is in transition, increasingly stringent regulatory standards. Therefore, we recognize that the continuation of the epitaxial growth-oriented development model increasingly unsustainable past, so in the beginning of 2010 to promote the "second transition" strategy, change the past to rely on the scale of growth, capital investment epitaxial extensive management model to achieve the connotation of intensive management, in order to continue to improve steadily improve the efficiency of the return on equity and bank value.
In 2010, the difficult global economic recovery, the domestic economic and financial operation complex; domestic and foreign financial regulators on banks more stringent asset quality and risk management requirements, in this case, Golden Fuji overcome various unfavorable factors, complete tasks, have maintained good momentum of development.