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Development Road
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Company Profile:
Golden Fuji founded in 1996, the company is sitting on the bridge in Dongguan City, Lower East Side industrial area, covers an area of ​​35,000 square meters, is a professional production of biscuits, cookies, chocolate cake Zhuxin , egg roll, moon cake and other snack foods of large-scale food production enterprises. After ten years of unremitting efforts and development, the company now has a total of more than 500 technical personnel, management and staff and other technology products have gradually walk in the forefront of the industry. At present products "Golden Fuji" brand under selling major domestic and foreign markets, "US Secretary of crisp bread sticks" and "Fruit sandwich cake" and other products have become the food of peers to follow objects and the mainstream consumer market, the rapid development momentum .
Golden Fuji always adhere to the "independent production, brand" as the goal, adhering to the "quality first, the customer first" business philosophy to "sincere treatment, mutual promotion" for the purpose of cooperation, well received by customers and consumers praise and favor, to enable enterprises to more than a decade has maintained a momentum of steady development. "Creating a national first-class brand," the goal to promote Golden Fuji people continue to move forward, stimulate steady stream of power.
2002 Private Economy Fair in Dongguan named "Best Exhibitor Award"
2003 was Watson's rated "outstanding snack foods Gold"
2007 HACCP (MI-H01) Critical Control Point food safety management system certification
2008 Guangdong Provincial Food safety credit rating of A-class enterprises
2008 "Guangdong food industry self-regulation A-class enterprises," and "Guangdong food safety credit rating A-class enterprises"
2008 ISO9001: 2008 quality management system and HACCP (MI-H02) Food Safety Management System Certification
2008 reform and opening up three decades of Guangdong Food Industry Baking Industry top ten and three decades of reform and opening up, Guangdong Province, baking industry
         The most influential brand
2008 Guangdong Food Industry Baking food manufacturing top ten enterprises
2009 Guangdong Lingnan food "Golden Fuji crisp US Secretary red tomato flavor stick cake" and Guangdong Lingnan food "Golden Fuji
        US Secretary of crisp corn flavor stick cake "
2010 Guangdong rice baked goods industry pacesetter
2010 Asian Food Safety collective model
2011 Guangdong Famous Trademark
Brand of the road:
Golden Fuji attaches great importance to the construction of own brand and corporate culture, since the plant opened in 1996 that is to apply for registration "Golden Fuji" trademark in December 1996 was succeeded by the State Trademark Office approved the registration. In the product packaging, factory signs, product advertising, promotional pictures and factory types of documents, the data is the widespread use of the trademark, and has never stopped using.
Market competition in the final analysis is the quality and brand competition, Golden Fuji always pay close attention to product quality, creating its own brand as the goal, with its own characteristics of publicity, after ten years of precipitation and development, "Golden Fuji" products Not only has the country a higher profile, but also exported abroad.
Visionary leadership in the company's decision, Golden Fuji timely absorption of domestic and foreign trade on the one hand development experience and strengths, on the other hand continue to high-quality products and good service to consolidate and develop their own brand, "Golden Fuji" brand Maintaining the vitality in the increasingly fierce social competition.
All the honors and achievements the company has become another motive Golden Fuji person, Golden Fuji will not stop there, look to the future, Golden Fuji have the confidence and strength to continue toward a first-class brand forward.
Golden Fuji Product Family
Golden Fuji The new plant diagram
Golden Fuji The new modern plant, located in Dongcheng District Mulberry industrial zone, covers an area of ​​over 26,000 square meters, respectively, A, B 2 Building six floors workshop, an office building 4 layer, a staff reduction homes and living area 6 layers. With modern automated production lines and equipment 5, the main production Bang Bang cakes, cookies, egg rolls, Zhuxin cakes, biscuits, moon cake and other types of food, planned annual production of over 20,000 tons, sales of 230 million yuan less than the amount of long-term supply resolves Golden Fuji phenomenon; at the same time, Golden Fuji will increase its market launch and market development efforts, make Golden Fuji - the trademark golden hair more.